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Stories are told here. Stories of ancient curses and mysterious truths.
Tales are spun here. Tales of marvelous fiction; of dragons who play on clouds of fire; of women who stand strong against impossible tides, and the men who love them.

It's the having and the holding it


The endless haunting routine of it


The sweetness and the bad in it


This thing they call humanity…


Lee James

New and Newsworthy

Lee James is now partnering with Love2ReadLove2Write publishing to bring you the story of Azriel.


The Five Cities of the Valley were founded by men who are descended from angels. They are the Watchmen. In all its history, the citizens have practiced living by grace rather than law. There is a legend that the gateway to the original Garden of Eden still remains near the cities. In this place, the lion lays down with the lamb, and Yahweh still walks with his people in the cool of the evening.


Forty years ago, an ancient evil was awakened and the Watchmen lost men in battle for the first time. Hostilities come to a head when a Watchman is murdered. Only a Watchman can kill another Watchman and real rancor sets in.  It is now, when that same evil is again beginning to shadow the land, that a strange woman with no past and unusual abilities shows up in their midst. She brings with her an ancient truth that will rip the past wide open, and force every Watchman into a fight for their very lives.