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Stories are told here. Stories of ancient curses and mysterious truths.
Tales are spun here. Tales of marvelous fiction; of dragons who play on clouds of fire; of women who stand strong against impossible tides, and the men who love them.

It's the having and the holding it


The endless haunting routine of it


The sweetness and the bad in it


This thing they call humanity…


Lee James

The simplest choice is always the hardest.

The simplest choice is always the hardest.



It's been ten years since Cherry left Flat Hope. She hasn't heard from Regan and she's raising her daughter alone.


Her carefully ordered days get a little brighter when a wonderful man offers to provide her with a life of ease.


When her daughter is kidnapped, Regan crashes back into her life. With the war in the background and her daughter missing, Cherry's safely held world is tossed into chaos.


Her daughter's life depends on her choice.


Does she dare choose her heart?



This sequel to Sweet Honesty is available December 15th!