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Stories are told here. Stories of ancient curses and mysterious truths.
Tales are spun here. Tales of marvelous fiction; of dragons who play on clouds of fire; of women who stand strong against impossible tides, and the men who love them.

It's the having and the holding it


The endless haunting routine of it


The sweetness and the bad in it


This thing they call humanity…


Lee James

New and Newsworthy

Lee James is now partnering with Love2ReadLove2Write publishing to bring you the story of Azriel.


Born in secrecy and hidden away in shame, Bree Faro learns early in life that she has only herself to depend on. Due to her feisty nature and her unusual ability with a sword, Bree is educated in every fighting style imaginable and excels at them all. She is soon trained to be a personal bodyguard of the king.

So when she is sent to infiltrate the city of Azriel, one of the Five Cities of the Valley founded by the Watchmen, she is not expecting to find her place among the Watchmen of the Keep. Taken in by the Watchmen of Azriel, Bree begins to learn who she really is. She soon discovers that Love is real and is beckoning to her with a still, small voice.

Little does Bree know that her companions are in danger. An immortal creature lies in wait for any Keeper of the Flame who would be seduced by her charms, the city's water source has dried up, and the Watchmen are under constant attack by the Yirtzi—former Watchmen reduced to vengeful spirits, who sold their souls for power only to realize that the enemy of Yahweh does not translate to the friend of mankind.

Not only that, but the Watchmen are fraying. Hostilities come to a head when a Watchman is murdered. Only a Watchman can kill another Watchman, and all eyes shift to Bree.

Bree finds herself faced with a choice. Does she engineer the betrayal of her father's people, or does she embrace her destiny as a true Watchman of Yahweh and find the killer before it is too late?